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The Dictators Homie Page

A website about all that The Dictators are currently up to. Scott Kempner who helped The Brandos out in the period 1993-1995, plays guitar as 'Top Ten' in this NY based original traditional rock 'n roll gang. Online you can find information on gigs, (new) albums, Real-Video, a merchandize section and much more!

Scott mcClatchy - Blue Moon Revisited

Scott McClatchy lately lately released his solo album called Blue Moon Revisited. Dave Kincaid, Scott Kempner and Frank Funaro contributed to the making of this album. Read all about it that this site.

Frank Funaro - I Play The Drums

Brandos studio drummer Frank Funaro is a someone of the active type. Frank plays the drums in several well known band and for several well known artists. Read all about it at his homepage. Cool site, check it out!