The Brandos Official Fanclub supports the band and informs the fans in a variety of different ways. Until recently we have released fanzines for our members, provided information through the internet, mailinglist and text-TV, supported band and the promotor working out the tours and will continue doing most of above.

For two reasons we will stop releasing the fanzines. Most of The Brandos fans have access to the internet or have friends who do. The medium of a fanzine therefore no longer suits the era we're living in. Second is the inconsistent information flow. It's hard for us to release a fanzine on a regular basis if the band is on an hiatus for a longer period of time.

We therefore think that the internet is the most appropriate medium to communicate with the fans. The internet information is free of charge and so there will no longer be a membership to apply to. Fans who paid their fanclub membership will receive the upcoming fanzines and mailings as promised.